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A 12 month warranty covers the structural integrity of all Elkstone Furniture. Elkstone will supply a quality product, manufactured using the highest quality materials and should give you peace of mind. Small pits may be present in Elkstone products, this is a natural occurrence from the molding process. This warranty, does not cover misuse or damage due to environmental factors such as exposure to extreme conditions, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, scratches, exposure to heaters and highly air-conditioned spaces, burns, or inappropriate use or use of inappropriate cleaning product. As our products are subject to everyday wear and tear they cannot be warranted. Please see our product care and maintenance guidelines for information on how to care for your furniture.

Care instructions: For daily use you can clean the tops with a damp cloth and mild soap. Never use any acidic household cleaners on the table top surface as they may etch off the sealant and may cause permanent stains. Always rinse the table surface immediately with warm water if it has come into contact with anything acidic, including vinegar, cola sodas or fruit juices. Never apply bleach to the table top surface, as it will permanently stain the finish. By using any of the above chemicals or treatment methods the consumers warranty will be voided. Always use trivets to avoid burn and marks moisture absorption. Pot plants must also have trivet placed between pot and table top.  When Elkstone products are placed outdoors always use a protective cover when not in use.



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