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Maintenance & Care Instructions

Our tables have been tested for indoor and outdoor undercover use. Please note that while these tables are extremely durable, they are not invincible, and care needs to be taken to preserve the longevity of this item. Please read carefully as these items can be scratched, stained, or damaged if you do not follow the following guidelines.

  • Scratch Resistant – Normal Day Use. Avoid unnecessary forces like heavy metal trays, chairs on the table, sharp objects. Do not cut on the surface. Avoid dragging objects across the surface.
  • Always Use Trivets. Hot surfaces may damage the surface sealer. Always use trivets to avoid burns or discolouration to the surface. Small cracks or warping may appear on this surface if hot items are placed directly on the Elkstone products. Use trivets when placing pots or planters, some pot materials can cause discolouration. Use trivets underneath any form of liquid vessel, this will avoid any absorption into the Elkstone product
  • Stain Resistant. Normal day use. DO NOT use harsh cleaning chemicals such as acids, bleaches, citric or potent cleaners. If a drink or food is spilt on the table, simply clean it off immediately with a soft cloth and if needed, warm soapy water.
  • Water Resistant. This top has been sealed to be water resistant, however if water or liquid are placed on the Elkstone items, simply wipe them off immediately. Avoid placing liquid vessel directly onto product, this will avoid any water absorption.
  • Frost Resistant. Tested for cold temperatures but advised to take inside in extreme conditions.
  • Outdoor Use in covered areas only. Do not expose the tabletop to direct sunlight. Extreme heat absorption may cause tension inside the material and the surface. Small cracks may appear and/or warping to the surface if the Elkstone product gets too hot. When used outdoors undercover, cover Elkstone product with protective cover when not in use.
  • Avoid hard objects coming in contact with the edges of the Elkstone surface as this may lead to chipping or cracking.


For daily use, clean the tops with a damp cloth and if required mild soap. Always rinse the tabletop surface immediately with warm soapy water if it has encounter anything acidic, including vinegar, sodas, citrus or fruit juices. Never apply bleach to the tabletop surface as it will permanently stain the finish.

All Elkstone products come with a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty covers manufacturers defects and issues which clearly have arisen during the manufacturing process. Small pits may be present in Elkstone products, this is a natural occurrence from the moulding process. All products are Quality Controlled in the manufacturing facility by QC experts before being delivered to customers across the world. By not adhering to the care and maintenance guidelines set out above, may result in staining, damaging, chipping, cracking, discolouring, scratching, breaking or other damage which is the consumers fault and not the manufacturer’s fault.

Please follow these guidelines of care and maintenance to help ensure you are able to enjoy your Elkstone product for many years to come.


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